Temperature Controllers

     Our precise temperature controllers have a long history (see e.g. J. Phys. E 10 (1977) 903). They have been elaborated within a close co-operation with UNIPAN and ULTRASONIC specialists. Today our temperature controllers are completely digital with the temperature resolution of 22 bits or higher. This enables the precision of the temperature control of the order of tenths of milikelvin or better. With such a high precision the maximal heating power can range from a few watts to hundreds of watts. The structure of our controllers is versatile and can be adapted to any requirements of the customers.

     We are specialised in precise low heating rate and constant temperature controls. Fig. 1 presents an example of scanning temperature at a rate of 2.5 mK/s ±0.04 %. This example was taken from en experiment performed to measure a sequence of phase transformations in an aqueous suspension of wheat starch under pressure of 10 MPa, where the maximum heating power was 80 W.

Fig. 1. An example of a precise scanning temperature at a low rate with a BGR TECH temperature controller (maximum heating power 80 W).